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Thursday, December 2, 2010

You know, I'm feeling good about S.C.

I guess standing would have blocked the game.
I dropped in a sports bar last night to see a band that I ran across that had a shit load of tour dates. So far that's a hard thing to find in the south. The bar "Paddy O'Malley's" in this little town south of Greenville. The band, "Outshyne" is from Laurens (the little town, I was in). You know, they were pretty good. Didn't play any originals but they have some. The music online is not something that does a very good job of capturing what they seem to be live, though they were in a broke down version last night. They've been touring for 3 years and finally have an agent that's started booking them. Could go somewhere, could go nowhere. It's a LONG damn road and they are pretty early on but it was REALLY promising to see all of the "dates" on their calendar. I'm hoping this is a new trend (finding them in SC, that is). Georgia bands from what little could find didn't have those kinda touring dates (in the south, that is). Sincere good luck guys and good to see you working hard.
Dancing: Since leaving Texas, I've seen the worst dancers in the USA excluding Lafeyette, LA. O.K., I don't consider "'line dancing" dancing. It looks stupid as hell (to me) and for me a hot woman drops from a 9 to a 4 when she starts that shit and guys just look like their in a aerobics class or something (and might as well be wearing tights while doing it). Last night I ACTUALLY saw a young couple spontaneously get up and dance really great! I was going to take a picture but they looked at me like "what the hell are you doing" so I went back to leaning against the wall and drinking my bud light. Anyways, I've not been going to Dance clubs except for the one that my friend (asswipe) Austen talked me into going to for dance lessons (in Dallas). That said, in Texas (and Lafeyette) people would just get up (sometimes spontaneously) and start dancing and look decent if not good doing it. Everywhere else has looked like something from a Saturday night live skit. Cheers to the couple that thought I was a perv last night. You're right on the perv part but that was not my intention last night.
Alright, I'm gonna bounce around the Greeenville area this weekend and thinking about just staying in the Carolina's for this month and next and then calling it quits before I hit my pain threshold of "line dancers".

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