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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Georgia music scene & Jury duty. Really!!??

Georgia has been a disappointment up to this point. I spent the whole month of Nov. reading blogs, talking to managers, agents, artists and going to clubs and it's just not turned up anything new (other than the young girl in Dahlonega who's since been contacted by Dallas Austin, I hear). I'd visited the club or checked out the websites for original music of 20+ clubs. Visiting clubs from Albany to Dahlonega to Savannah to Atlanta to Cartersville (throwing in 2 Tallahassee bars to see Georgia acts)... . Most people (that I know) already know of the obvious artists like Corey Smith, Brantley Gilbert, ZBB, Colt Ford, Levi Lowrey, Sonia Leigh, etc... . I was wanting to find the next class and had little luck. Most the clubs (that play much if any original music) have acts that come through but not necessarily Georgian. 40 Watt, Eddie's Attic, Smiths Olde Bar, Hummingbird, etc... . There WAS the odd act every now and then but nothing that REALLY stood out. My apologies for not finding it or for not thinking any different from what I DID hear. I'll stay on the search but it's just not been an obvious scene or circuit that I've been able to find or "tap into". I would LOVE for someone to read this and disagree! I'll get my ass in the car and drive back down there to see what there is or if it IS to be found. I'm really wanting to find stuff in my home state and to "spread the good news" :) Disappointing but there's the facts as I know them.

This WILL be what I wear...
Well, I've got a DAMN jury duty notice. For the first time in 40 freaking 7 years, their wanting me to serve (found the notice when I stopped in town last night). It's gonna suck for them as much as for  me. Trust me. Distrusting the court system and the whole shebang it's gonna just piss them off that I'm wasting a damn seat but therein you have our government (and me playing my little role in it). Don't know how I'm gonna finish my task but I'm gonna! I'm starting with the Carolina's this week and I have a LOT of things on the agenda so I'm pretty damn excited about the " last leg"!
P.S. ALWAYS welcome more tips! Thanks to everybody who's helped out with those tips!

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