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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wild Bills: Chris Cavanaugh & Josh Thompson

After plucking myself from my family in Charleston, SC for Thanksgiving I went BACK to Georgia to see Chris Cavanaugh play last night at "Wild Bill's". "Wild Bills" is one of the last big country clubs in the Atlanta area. Multi-floored bar that'd probably hold 2000+ taking up SUCH a big space that the sound pretty much sounded like you were in a gymnasium.  Chris was opening for Josh Thompson on Columbia Nashville. It's a little bogus cuz I've known Chris since he was in college at MTSU years back. Chris is one of those kids who's not waited on Nashville to make him a "star". He's on the road to a good or great living because he wants it bad enough. That's pretty much all there is to it. He's not the most talented singer, songwriter or performer that I've ever met but after years of working with a bunch of REALLY talented people, it's the one's who's willing to be relentless who I've found have had the most success (and made the most out of themselves). It's the Craig Wiseman's, David Lee's or Rusty Gaston's (on the publishing side). Chris did a great job of entertaining the medium sized crowd at Wild Bills and they (outside of a few) had NO idea who the hell he was. GREAT crowd response! He's made himself SO much more than he started out being as a singer, player, writer and performer. He's now damn good at all of these. THESE are the people at this point in my life that I want to spend the most time working with. On top of all of that, he's a great kid.
I gotta stop for a second and say that I saw and learned this in the most obvious way when I met with David Lee years back: "Lucky Man"- #1 for Montgomery Gentry, "Letter's from Home"-#1 for John Michael Montgomery, "Roll with it"-#1 for Easton Corbin and "Hello World"-great song recorded by Lady Antebellum, etc.... When I met with David I SO wanted to work with him because of who he was as a person AND as a writer (we'd hang out at the "Spoke" and just talk about "stuff" at the time) but I just did NOT hear anything special in his songs or in their potential. It just all sounded (to me) so generic. Well, Chris Oglesby (who did sign him) was a HELL of a lot smarter than me and I remember him telling me (way back then) that HE was the kind of writer he would want to build a company around. I saw years later the writer that Chris was hearing (with his great foresight). David from hard damn work made himself one of my favorite writers today and I have to admit, my dumbass didn't think that that was really possible (at least as a writer). I thought you either were or you weren't. Live and learn and I may STILL be a dumbass but I DO know that I'm not gonna make that same mistake again if possible and I'm gonna do whatever I can to support Chris, cuz he has that kinda drive & talent and is that good a person.
Chris Cavanaugh trying to pick up chicks

Josh Thompson set
After Chris I watched Josh Thompson play. I have to admit that I really love his voice but the songs that he sings for the most part don't let me enjoy his great tone. It could be more of what radio's wanting today but maybe not. Selfishly, I'd rather hear him sing songs that aren't so rangy. He sings them fine but it get's away from his middle tone that's SO damn "warm" and heartfelt to me.  

Here's to my last night in Georgia. I'm pointing in the direction of the Carolina's! Don't be shy if you have some tips. I promise I won't "steal" them. Hell, I can't DO anything with 'em other than write about 'em. :)


  1. I was at wild bills..and I never heard of Chris until then. Now, Im absolutely IN LOVE with his voice and his songs. He had my attention as soon as he stepped on stage...the performance was amazing. So when you talk to him, tell him he made a HUGE fan out of me and to me he has already made it.
    Truly an inspiration

  2. Spread the good word. He's gonna be around for a long time. :) Thanks Randi! S