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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Being a self-indulgent kid of the 80's...

Being a kid of the 70's & 80's, I wanted to go see "The Connells" play in Raleigh, NC on Friday night. So I did. The Connells were one of those early 80's indy pop bands out of this area that never made it to the levels of their compared to band REM (out of Athens, GA). Much the same type of music but a lot of it just had to do with the same influences, I think (Byrd's, Beatles, etc...). They were signed to the "cool" new record label (TVT), had Mitch Easter same producer of REM's early records (Chronic Town & Murmur), recorded a record in the same little studio as those great early REM records. But for the many reasons that happen in the business, they never did break out big. Couple of minor regional hits and some success in Europe. Well, it was kind of  bummer to look up there and see these guys (or at least the "principles") growing older (their my age) who seem to have day gigs now and just do it for fun every now and then. It's the reality of bands who have their moment in the sun and then go back to their day gigs (or get one). You know, the band actually seemed to be having fun with it in a nostalgic way (as was the crowd). But then again, they may all go home and drink themselves to sleep but I doubt it (though I'd bet some in the crowd did).
Pardon the self indulgence night, I'm prone to be "all about me" sometimes.
The Pour House (this time in Raleigh!) was pretty well packed with my age group a people, 30's-50's (screw you, I'm calling that my age group). The bar was fine. Nothing exceptional but functional and pretty good sound.
Gonna go check out some Country music in Durham tonight if the weather holds up! :)

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