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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rebel Son at TK Fiddler's. R-rated blog for the language (but it wasn't mine this time)

I don't think those were "Heil Hitler" hand signs but not for certain.

So the guy in the beard (facing the crowd "flippin 'em off") is the photographer. Gonzo Photography!

Lee Johnson & Dave Schneider of Rebel Son

TK Fiddler's Music Hall
Got a tip from the Music Director at the GREAT Radio station WNCW-88.7 about a club to visit (GOTTA check out this station if you're in the W. Carolina's area!!!). So I go to this "TK Fiddler's Music Hall" in Greenville last night. "Rebel Son" was the headliner. It was quite a loud visual treat :). Old school, 70's Waylon typa hi-powered country. Great 3 piece band who spit a lot (or at least the lead singer did). I bet that guy produced more saliva than a damn Saint Bernard. The bar was a great old school, long bar with low ceilings. Looked to be an old bar that's been remodeled (kinda). The crowd... well let's just say that they were as drunk as a Oxford Mississippi game day crowd but I'd not put them in the same classification at least in the clothing and uh, I may be wrong but it didn't seem to be the kinda crowd that would want the Rev Al Sharpton to jump in the middle of... . It WAS entertaining as hell to watch all the drunks jump up on the stage, turn to face the crowd, yell something in the mic (NO idea WHAT the hell they were hollering), "Kill beers" then "shoot birds" at their friends (I'm guessing that's a term of endearment of sorts) only to get yanked by the collar back down among 'em. All that to say it was some fun and funny shit (and I didn't get spit on or hit by the continual flying PBR cans once)! My favorite songs (the titles at least): "Will all the Chicks with Dicks Please Stand Up" (must be a problem), the ever so sensitive "Honey Don't Lay That Shit On Me" and "I can Smell Bullshit from A Mile Away" & the crowd favorite (not surprisingly) "Road Whores/Fuck 'em". One other odd thing. One of the photographers seemed to be like "one of the band" and was all over the stage taking pix, getting the crowd all riled up (shooting birds and screaming at 'em from the front of the stage) but it was actually pretty damn fun to see. I'm guessing the band didn't care he was on the stage as much them and actually seemed like a nice guy when he wasn't shooting the birds and screaming. Anyways, it was a fun damn night and (btw) they were some damn fine musicians. Well, that's about it. I'm gonna stay here for one more night then head toward Spartanburg, Columbia and beyond...

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  1. Hey Scott. A friend of mine is playing tonight in Columbia, S.C. @ a place called the Tin Roof. I think you would be really impressed. "The Scotty Cram Band". He is an amazing talent, & they put on a great show. Hope you can make it out if you're in the neighborhood!