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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Folk Soul Revival

I had  found Folk Soul Revival online a few weeks back via my web/club/music surfing. I don't know how I had missed them (but I missed a LOT in the last couple of years). Well 2 days before the show I got to talking to a local around Asheville who let me know that one of their lead singers and writers Allun Cormier had tragically died in a house fire a little over 2 weeks earlier. This was their first show since the terrible accident. You could tell it was a REALLY hard night. I hope despite the tragedy of Allun that they stay together. Not very often do I see that kinda chemistry in a band. Then again, stuff that tragic could rightfully make anyone re-evaluated things.
 About the show (trying not to be inappropriate). You know, if I woulda walked in off of the street  (not knowing what was really going on) all I would have known is that I enjoyed the shit outta the show and they were really good! Loved their harmonies, singing, melodies and just their songs in general. I don't wanna or like comparing them to anyone else so I'll just put up a coupla vids that I flip-cammed (Sam's Gap & "Love In Lot 9"). If Zac Brown and Cory Smith can make the kind of money that they are making, these guys should do really well. From what I've read, they were from various other bands in the Bristol, Va area and came together only a coupla years back.
The Bar Emerald Lounge was another really great club downtown of about 200 with good sound, set-up and nice people working there from Vairameg (who books the place) to the bartender to the doorman! :). Oh and the bathrooms were ACTUALLY clean. A rarity among most clubs I've been in. Check them out (the band not the bathrooms) if they come through your town. I'll definitely be doing the same :) I'm pointed toward the direction of my LAST state, Virginia!

P.S. here's a REALLY good song that I found with Allun singing:  "Slide Away" . Wish I'd have known them before now. :(

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