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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Literary Trivia Night w/a lil Bluegrass & snow mixed in

Seth, Lauren & Stella. The Trivia guys :)

Some snowy Bluegrass at Wild Wings!

Isn't this a GREAT book store!!??
They look harmless from this pic, but I tell ya they were plannin my demise. All with a friendly smile.
"Oh, the weather outside is frightful"
On a cold as HELL snowy night in Asheville, I drove downtown to a BEAUTIFUL bookstore Malaprops . It was like Davis-Kidd in an old downtown building! I thought I'd check out my literary skills to kill sometime before a night of Bluegrass. Seeing as I'd only read 2 books before the age of 23 ("Amityville Horror" and "Old Man and The Sea"), I expected it to be a blood bath (with the crowd burning me at the stake for a grand ending). You know, it wasn't as bad as it coulda been. My one-man team name was "Observer". I wanted to use "Voyeur" but it didn't seem the crowd for that kinda humor. The sweet lady at the next table did tell me that "this shouldn't be too ego threatening" for me. I thanked her for her kind words of support. 1st question: The Author was a physician who worked with other logical forensics minded physicians like Goosenfelds (sounded like) & Sir Henry Littlejohn (humiliating last name) inspiring the development of his most famous character. Uh, I resorted to my SAT strategy of answering B if I didn't know the answer. Hell, that method got me a 730 (cumulative)! Seriously, a 730 and I REALLY tried. Anyways, for a minute or two there were some older people behind me who gave me one answer and a sweet cute girl who gave me another and between that, my "B method" (and trying to lip-read other players), I squeezed out a 3 way tie for second place! I'm lyin', I can't lip-read for shit but if I could've, I would've. Anyways (to make sure I use the word enough), it was a REALLY sweet couple and beautiful little baby Lauren, Seth and Stella who ran the "Literary Trivia Night". These are the bookstores that are dropping dead like houseflies with the evolution of the Internet, sadly to say :(. After that, I headed over to Wild Wings (woo woo!) for kind of a Bluegrass Jam night. This chain of restaurant's have had "live" music in almost every town I've been in (God bless 'em). It was between this show and a pop/rock band from Austin, Texas. With the really beautiful snow and the mountains and Asheville and everything I just could NOT do pop tonight for some reason. It was a pretty damn good band (especially being a jam) and my fave was the singer/multi instrumentalists Mark Schimick  . Spoke with him a little afterwards and it sounds like he plays in a bunch of different configurations to stay busy but the link above is his main one along with playing with Larry Keel. I started to go elsewhere but the slippery roads and the remembrance of sliding sideways at 60MPH two days earlier chased me to my hotel room. Plenty of music ahead this week :). "Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire (I wished!) is so delightful.... Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow"

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